Recycle With Terracycle

One day I decided to declutter my makeup bag and my professional makeup kit, but before I started I thought to myself, do I need to empty all these containers first? Do I throw them in my local recycling bin? Will they really get recycled? 

Before throwing things away like a crazy lady, I did some research. I came across a website called Earth911. It has loads of information on what can and cannot be tossed in the recycling bin and regular garbage bin. I learned a lot and it was quite overwhelming. As I went down the rabbit hole about this topic I found out that only 9% of plastic waste gets recycled. In my county, where I live, we are only allowed to recycle, bottles, jugs and tubs. Everything else gets tossed in the landfill, exported to another country to get burned or dumped in our ocean. Very toxic and harmful to our environment and wildlife! 

I also came across another website called Terracycle and thank goodness I found them! They will recycle everything from makeup, skincare, eyelash packaging, disposables, and much much more! All you have to do is order one of their zero waste boxes, fill it up and ship it back to them. Shipping it back is free! The only thing they do not accept is hazardous waste, such as, batteries, paints, adhesives, nail polish, house cleaning products, etc. For those types of things you have to look on Earth911 to find out where you can drop those things off.

I almost recycle everything with Terracycle, especially my plastic bags and containers from the grocery stores. I feel so much more releived in knowing that my waste isn't filling up in a landfill, other country or our ocean.

I hope you take a moment to check these two websites out! Thanks for reading!