Meliora - Safe Home Care Products I Use

If you are like me and worry about all the chemicals in most conventional laundry and home cleaning products, you’ll love Meliora. My daughter has sensitive skin and eczema too, so I had to switch things up in my home. Not only are their products amazing but they also align with my passion for sustainability, clean and safe living.

 I bought almost everything on their site because they’re all transparent! Meaning they list ALL the ingredients. No hidden chemicals or toxins! And the best part, zero PLASTIC packaging! Their ingredient are safe for your family and the environment too!

I’m such a firm believe in their products you guys have to check them out. Meliora is EWG Certified too, which means their products are verified safe! ✅🌎 All Meliora products are EWG Verified™, a status granted by the Environmental Working Group. EWG’s standards help consumers make the best possible choices by opting for ingredients with low health risks, allowing people to live in healthier environments. They created an important educational tool for consumers: the Skin Deep® database, download it on the App Store. This directory provides consumers with information on all the ingredients in the personal care products that they use, including any potential risk of adverse effects.

Here’s a coupon code for your first purchase! Use code: CHANEL10 for 10% off.