Raya Beauty Co. promotes an earth-friendly business & lifestyle. It's Beauty Professionals taking responsibility for the waste they produce, the products they use, and the impact they have on themselves and the environment, that can bring a change to the overwhelming pollution we have created.

Join us to help spread awareness, reduce and divert plastic waste from filling up landfills and harming our precious ocean and planet.


Eco-friendly Bamboo & Silicone Spoolie

Comes in 4 colors! Plastic FREE!


Eco-friendly Bamboo Cotton Swabs

Pointed and Rounded Cotton Tips!


Eco-friendly Bamboo Handle Lip Wands

Long Flock Tip with Bamboo Handle!


Vegan Eyelash Cleansing Brush (10pk)

Feathery soft cleansing brush for eyelash cleansing and client aftercare. Featuring a Raya Beauty Co. Logo.

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50 Bamboo Handle Micro Applicators

The Ultimate Precision Prepping Tool

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Zero-Waste Face & Eyelash Cleansing Bar

Gently cleanses makeup, dirt and oil away off face and lashes. Clean and transparent ingredients.


Adhesive Nozzle Wipes

Prevent your adhesive from build-up and air leaks using 1 or 2 Raya Beauty Co. Adhesive Wipes! Compostable & Recyclable packaging!

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Raya Beauty Co. is a place for the Eco-conscious Beauty Professional. We focus on helping Lash Artists incorporate eco-friendly tools into their studios and in the hands of their clients. Collectively, every little action to reduce our consumption of plastics is a big step in protecting our future generations and our planet.

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artist feedback

I love these brushes! They brush the lash extensions very well. My clients seem to be very impressed when they see I am incorporating eco-friendly tools in my Lash Business too!

Jennifer P.

Such cute brushes and I love that they are plastic-free! I never knew about bamboo or silicone for a lash brush. I love them and they are perfect for giving to my clients for aftercare use.

Elizabeth B.

These brushes are everything! They are lightweight and stylish. I love the orange color brush. It's different and my clients love them too. Thank you Raya Beauty Co.!

Maryanne C.

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